All About Gateway Laptops

Gateway is thought of as one of the hottest laptop PC manufacturers over the world. It always combines subtlety with excitement. The gateway portable computer parts is the cause of achieving such a very award by the users – and for making them excellent laptops for college. The Gateway’s M-150XL is the XL in its M-series. It has 2048 MB RAM and Intel Core 2 Pair T7250 2 GHz processor. It has also got an ATI Radeon HD 2400 DirectX 10 video card for the graphical capability. Then, it also has an HDMI connection and Windows Vista Home Premium as its operating software. Its screen is 15.4 inches with 6.29 lb framework. It is also available in assorted colours so the customers can choose from a big range of selections.

The Gateway M250S is acceptable for the students and home business owners. It weighs up to 5.2 pounds with a 14 inches screen size. The hard drive storage capability is 40 GB and 256 MB DDR2 SDRAM. The processor is Intel Celeron M 360 1.4 GHz. It also has an one PC card slot, 3 USB ports, FireWire port and 24x CD-RW/DVD-ROM. It is perfect for word processing, surfing over the internet, checking emails and compiling reports. It's a laptop PC for the industrious scholars of our future generation.

Gateway M680XL has a trustworthy battery life-span. Its weight is 8.4 pounds and a 17 inches screen. Its processor is the Intel’s fastest Premium M. Although it has no Bluetooth, users will be satisfied with the 128 MB Mobility Radeon x700 graphics control for wonderful DVD viewing and gaming pleasures. It has got a keyboard that is like that of a desktop with another number pad. Its battery has the capacity of upgrading to a 12-cell lithium-ion. In the meantime, the Gateway LT 3103u is a laptop that each techie person must check out for themselves. Its webcam is 0.3 megapixel which is enough for the users to handle. Its processor is 1.2 GHz Athlon 64. The installed RAM is 2 GB DDR2 SDRAM while its hard drive is 250 GB. It has 5-in-1 card reader with HyperMemory graphics processor. Its operating system is Microsoft Vista Home Basic. Its touchpad is structured and dimpled like a golf ball to give more uniqueness to the product. Its screen size is 11.6 inches. It has the usual style of keypads so the typing is not much of a problem for the users.

It's also got a 3 USB ports and a VGA. It's also outfitted with headphone and mic. The sound speakers of Gateway LT 3103u is enough for music, video and pictures. Its WiFi connectivity is good. The downloading time and video streaming is adequate for the users. The battery of this laptop PC lasts for only 4 hours and thirty-eight minutes but users can charge it up all again if drained. With a black color, its really trendy for the computer users. It is a laptop that is actually worth the cash having.

Gateway portable computer parts never fail to dazzle the techie folks. It kept on improving as the years go by. They are aiming towards the true satisfaction of their prospect and consumers also. This is also the reason why their company is one of the best laptop PC manufacturers in the world today.

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