Several Great Ways to Improve Your Skateboard Skills

I have this friend who used the better part of the year trying to learn how to execute an ollie on his skateboard. After that, he spent several months of everyday practice to find out how to execute a good kick-flip. There is a lot of frustration involved in trying to learn skate board tricks but my friend worked really hard at this. After a while, he soon figured out that there are three really good ways to become good at doing tricks with the skateboard and be really good at it.

1. Attending Summer camp. Attending a summer camp for skateboarders can give you a great opportunity to meet and work with people with different skateboard skills. You can interact with them and take some tips from both beginners and experts. You get the chance to experiment with different techniques and discover what works best for your type of body, foot stance and overall ability. Other people at the camp can also give you plenty of encouragement and offer you lots of good advice. These camps do not come cheap but the experience you get from going to one and the opportunity to develop new friendships is really a good investment.

2. Coach. If there is a skate park near you live, chances are there are people around there that you can hire to teach you how to improve your skateboard skills. Even if these people won’t be a really professional teacher, a really good skateboarder can help you learn by demonstrating techniques to you, the beginner. You can use your driveway or perhaps a nearby parking lot to practice your tricks. After a while, you will soon be getting the hang of this.

3. Skateboarding Guides. One thing you can do to improve your skills is to get yourself a DVD or a book to help you out. It’s not really the best way to learn since you don’t get specific corrections on the things that you are doing wrong. Also, to be able to actually follow the tricks, you may have to be near a television set which might not be the best idea.

Perhaps a practical way of using a guide book is to find one that comes with a DVD. A good guidebook will take a trick and break it down into smaller steps that you should be able to follow and practice until you get the trick right. These guides can help you with your stance, the body position and your timing. Read the guide carefully and also study the photos that they come with.

The important thing is to not be immediately discouraged and to just keep going. By combining all the better aspects of learning, you will soon become an accomplished skateboarder.

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