What Services Do Provide Pre-Shipment Inspection Agencies in Italy?

This article discusses about services of pre-shipment inspection companies in Italy. The buyers, vendors, engineering service provider companies, industrial plants use these services.

The buyer invites the equipment manufacturer to offer for manufacturing certain equipment. The manufacturer will review the invitation and submits its proforma invoice that specifies its commercial quotation as well as equipment technical specification.

The purchaser will review the proforma invoice for two important subjects. First the equipment technical specification will be reviewed and in the second step the equipment price will be evaluated.

When the purchaser completed these reviews, and then will submit its purchase order to the manufacturer. The purchaser will also submit inspection and test plan to the vendor.

Then the purchaser requires making contract with a PSI inspection service provider to execute inspection in the manufacturer place. One of the pioneer’s countries in the Europe is the Italy for exporting of its industrial goods to the Middle East countries.

We have some countries in the Middle East that mandated the pre-shipment inspection. With this rule all imported commodities to their countries from Italy or other countries need to be inspected and certified before shipment.

The level of inspection depends to the buyers. The buyers in the Middle East or elsewhere will determine scope of inspection. The buyers may decide to assign inspection company just for 1 man-day to carry out pre-shipment inspection, or may want to make much more stringent inspection and ask from inspection company to witness some important tests.

The pre-shipment inspection scope of work will be visual quality, quantity check, packing and marking inspection. Sometimes supervision of loading is also in the scope of work. In this case the inspector of Inspection Company will attend in the loading process in the vendor shop. The inspector will check the seals of the containers and will record the seals’ numbers in its inspection visit report.

We have lots of inspection companies in Italy. Some of these companies are branch offices or representative offices of international companies and some others are the Italian local companies.

If the commodity fund is going to be transferred through letter of credit and there is inspection requirement in the related LC, then the name and brand of inspection company must be mentioned in the LC.

Some purchasers hire the third party inspection companies for both of the vendor inspection and pre-shipment inspection. It means the inspection scope is more comprehensive. In this case the seller (manufacturer) must issue its quality control plan. The plan must meet all mandatory requirements of client’s inspection and test plan.

Most of Italian manufacturers have well-established quality control systems and provide these documents to the purchasers and their designated inspection companies. These documents must be reviewed and approved by purchasers.

The manufacturers advise the inspection and test dates to the inspection companies 6 working days in advance. The inspection company must organize to send an inspector for witness of the specified test. In the big purchases by request of the purchaser, it may a representative from purchaser company visit the manufacturer vendor shop and joins to its inspector and witnesses the test together. In this case the Italian vendor must do all preparation work for obtaining visa for purchaser engineer. As mentioned this may requested in large-scale projects such as a huge centrifugal pump, reciprocating gas compressor, etc.

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