A Fantastic Kids Science Fiction Story Book for Amazon’s Kindle Market

A wonderful new story written by Mike Hickmon is sure to become one of the children’s science fiction stories that all kids want to read. The name is, “The Adventures of the Fartketeer-Freddy Comes to the Rescue.” Who says that farts are just noise and stink? The writer has created a world where farts are containable in tanks and a young boy with stinky issues can use it to his advantage and he becomes the town hero. Your child will come to see that anything is possible with imagination.

Freddy’s family is unique in the fact that they produce a lot of smelly farts. Rather than considering it an embarrassment and sticking to the negative side of their issues, Michael Hickmon has created a one-of-a-kind story about how that family could gain from their un-natural yet oddly natural abilities when father and son work together as a team to create a jetpack that runs off their stinky air problem.

Freddy McFartfart has many adventures as he flies around for fun, as well as to save people and cats from dangerous situations, like very tall pine trees and uses it as a tool so that he can water bomb the school bully. He does it all while using his flatulence problem, also known as their own brand of smelly methane, combined with hydrogen as the fuel for his father’s jetpack in this children’s fiction adventure book. This amazing story about “gas” also talks a little about various things kids should learn such as taking notice of landmarks so they don’t get lost and shows them Freddy’s determination to survive even in the sweltering desert.

If you want an amazing children’s fiction adventure that stands alone then this is definitely a book for you to consider and you don’t have to worry that it will be just gross humor. The topic is somewhat gross but the story is anything but stinky though you wouldn’t have a good children’s book if it didn’t have some humor in unexpected areas; such as imaginative names for characters in the story. The author does a great job combining engineering science and turning a negative thing into a positive. You will learn how they created the jetpack and gave it to life.

There is no denying, small children giggle when they “fart” because of the silly sound and older kids feel that their natural bodily function is gross. Kids of all ages will love reading about how Freddy saves the world in this 160 page children’s Science fiction adventure that uses that strange function and gives it the unique twist of being a good thing. It combines creativity, courage, and suspense with humor and it is quickly becoming a favorite for all who read it.

There are very few children’s science fiction adventure stories that can entertain and teach how important an experiment can be. This children’s fiction story can do that and much more. At first, children will want to read it because it’s silly. They will read again and enjoy it because Freddy saves the people he cares about.

Author Mike Hickmon has written a truly great story that belongs at the top of the list for best children’s books on the Kindle market. This is due to the fact that whether you cringe in embarrassment or laugh your head off over the idea of those “silent but deadly” body functions you will discover that those natural bodily functions don’t have to be disgusting and you will know it because no matter how old you are, you will enjoy the story.

If you want to get a book for your child that will prove to them that anything is possible while making them laugh until their sides hurt then you should definitely let them read the Adventures of the Fartketeer. Not only is it a great story but it also has a unique collection of silly definitions regarding different “fart types”. This is perhaps the best children books around today because it is just an amazingly well written story to use as a tool and to encourage your child to read simply for the joy of reading a good story. It’s a little children fiction story that will give them a lot of them a lot of very large laughs!

Take a look at Amazon’s new children’s fiction for Kindle. “The Adventures of the Fartketeer-Freddy Comes to the Rescue” written by Michael Hickmon.