Extreme Activities In San Diego

San Diego offers plenty of seashore for those who enjoy splashing around in the waves and there are excellent shops and museums to enjoy, but if you crave a bit more adventure and excitement, you probably want to spend your time with some more extreme activities. San Diego also offers plenty of fun adventures for those who prefer a bit of danger or intensity along with their fun. Here are just a few examples of some activities that you might enjoy.

Obviously, the ocean provides ample amusement and tons of water sports. You can rent jet skis, learn how to scuba dive or soar above the water on a parasailing adventure. La Jolla is a particularly fun place to visit if you love the water. Not only are the beaches spectacular, you can rent a kayak and explore some of the caves that rest along the rugged coast. If you need a bit more thrill, consider going on a shark dive in the open ocean. Along with other aquatic life, you probably will see a variety of Makos and Blue sharks. A shark-resistant cage should keep you fairly safe from bites, but there’s also just a bit of risk involved.

Surfing isn’t always an extreme sport, but it definitely is when you are talking about big wave surfing. The Cortes Bank is one of the premier breaks in the world with waves on par with Maverick’s and Waimea Bay. This spot isn’t easy to reach, as it’s a 100-mile trip off the San Diego coast, but if you love big waves, you need to try this extreme location. If you can’t make the trip, the waves at Trestles and Black’s Beach are some of the area’s best.

You don’t have to just stay by the water to enjoy some extreme fun. There are plenty of adventures to enjoy up in the air. Combine the fun of flying and the ocean by renting a jetpack and soaring as high as 30 feet above the ocean and then diving into the waves. There are quite a few excellent skydiving centers in the county for those wishing to truly experience a death-defying activity. You can even go on a fighter jet experience and take part in dog fighting maneuvers. While you won’t actually be shot at, the planes are authentic fighter jets and the stunt flying is as real as it gets without actually being in combat.

While mountain climbers won’t find in tall peaks to climb in the San Diego area, there are some cool bouldering and rock climbing options. Mt. Woodsen, for example, offers hundreds of boulders and it’s a great place for practice and training. Mission Gorge is another climbing hot spot, and this one is located in Mission Trails Regional Park. There are also indoor rock climbing facilities throughout San Diego.

For those who love adventurous activities, they probably would not be satisfied with working out an ordinary fitness center. San Diego also offers The Arena MMs, one of the country’s top MMA gyms, where you can train alongside professional MMA fighters and hone your skills in Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, boxing, Judo and more. In addition, you can workout at The Arena’s CrossFit gym or consider taking part in their own custom training program called FightBuilt, which will have you ready to enter a cage and take on an opponent in no time at all.

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