Safe Gun Handling Training With Frontsight

Safe handling of a gun is as important to you as it is to others around you. Frontsight provides a comprehensive training package that is tailor made to meet the needs in your operating environment. The sessions provide necessary skills for self defense and personnel in the security industry. It is your easiest route to owning a gun.

Training sessions are under the direction of experienced and licensed tutors who are well versed in theory and practice. They are drawn from civilian population, military and law enforcement organs. They offer the latest in gun handling and security to help you meet dynamic needs in the industry. The sessions prepare you for licensing as a military personnel, law enforcement officer or civilian.

The facility is adequately equipped to provide a conducive environment and state-of-the-art accessories to support learning. The guns provided come in different categories to match your desired skills. This is not a boot camp or military drill facility. It is comfortable to facilitate quick and effective grasp of necessary firearm handling skills.

At the end of the course, you can handle such firearms such as submachine gun, rifle, handgun and shot gun. The course runs for two to four days. This will depend on the hours you dedicate and the skills you wish to master. There are classes that require invitation to attend because of limited equipment and a large number of participants who wish to pursue these courses.

Other courses are offered besides gun handling. They include empty hand defense and the use of edged weapons. The institute has facilities and personnel for rappel and climb, youth achievement, child safety and corporate team building. The instructors and leaders are well resourced to offer a memorable and satisfying session.

Firearm training classes require registering students to pass background check before enrolling. Another way to join the course is to seek reference from a previous student or existing club member. A reference may also be obtained from an upstanding member of the club in case you do not find a former student. Lifetime membership is renewed on annual basis.

There is a lecture series on color code mental awareness designed to increase your security alertness at a shooting scene. The sessions involve a lot of practical work and role play that simulate shooting scenes. This creates a real life scenario of what to expect in case it happens.

Dry gun handling practice sessions are offered free of charge in different communities. The criterion for participation is joining a non-exclusive mailing list where you will be receiving the latest news, stories and tips on firearm handling. It runs for half a day in different locations. The website provides manuals for dry practice that are prepared using black and white graphics.

Front sight has maintained an incredible safety record during training. The incidences have only resulted from the failure of students to follow instructions. With about twenty cases since 1999, the record is impressive. Negligence cases have led to discharge from training to protect the students and others within the facility. Inquires are made over the phone or through email. This includes reservations that should be received two weeks before commencement date.

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