Employee Hair Cuts: Have You Got The Right To Alter Them?

Employee Hair Cuts: Have You Got The Right To Alter Them?

The working force nowadays are aware of their rights as well as their privileges. Today\’s modern advancements also include the safety and security of workers which helps them maintain a better standing towards their relationship with their employers. This would then mean that each employer is shielded from any abuse of the employer through any means.

Among those that have been an issue in the work office or work place is the dress and the haircut. Thus, every company should first check whether a procedure or an action which they will inflict on their employees is not breaking any law or legal right of any employee.

There are also those companies that point out a specific haircut for their employees or staff during the initial process of hiring and this requirement is also written in their list of requirements which the employee is supposed to sign and confirm to. One example of a workplace that requires shorter hair is the soldiers\’ battlefield where long hairs can obviously hinder ones vision which can cause or lead to injuries, accidents and even death. Also many of the defense forces have policies regarding the amount of facial hair that their personnel are supposed to keep.

There is however an exception for keeping long hairs as part of some ones religious custom. As for example, in the Indian defense forces incorporating all the three main branches the Sikhs are allowed to keep long hair and wear head gears as a part of the religious custom.

The aviation industry also requires its labor force to have a short and decent hair cut to fully carry out their jobs and also to have a neat look to entice customers and clients. There are also a lot of show businesses today that have a uniform style of hair cut among its labor forces to suit the theme of their business. It is in these classifications of businesses and careers that one is required to have a shorter hair to be fully efficient at work. More often than not, a company may also require its employees to cut any hair below the body like on the legs and on the genital area so as to minimize costs on tailoring for the employees\’ uniform. So even if there are instances of company making employees cut their hair but it is not allowed in every sector since it may infringe upon their rights.

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