Most Popular Non-Fiction FBI Books

AG Mans Journal-This is a title by Oliver Revell that was published in 1998. He is a former director who narrates real life experiences about his stay in the bureau. He focuses on cases that he handled as a supervisor or investigator to create one of the most interesting titles in the FBI Books category. The cases include the assassination of JFK, Iran hostage crisis, Ku Klux Klan and Watergate. It is interesting to read his personal conversations with Edgar Hoover.

The Guide to Identifying Terrorists Through Body Language is the work of an experienced agent from the bureau and a language expert. Lillian, Phd, the body language expert, tries to explain or understand the cases that Vincent encounters as an agent. It is an interesting book for anyone intent on sporting terrorists by merely using body language.

ABCs of Behavioral Forensics- the world has been hit by fraud and financial scandals, the latest being the Madoff case and events leading to the collapse of Wall Street. Joseph Koletar, Kelly Pope and Ramamoorti Sridhar help readers to understand the psychological motivation behind what is usually described as greed in medial analysis. They help you understand what drives nice and extremely rich people to steal.

Agent Bishop, The True Stories from an FBI Agent is penned by McPheters Mike. It can be classified among the most exciting memoirs. Entry into the bureau was a dream come true for Mike. He, however, has to juggle that with the call to serve God as a Bishop. Its easy presentation, full of humor that makes it an incredible title.

American Indian Mafia is the work of Joseph and John Trimbach. It carries the tales of law enforcers at Wounded Knees and Pine Ridge. The authors give a first hand account of intimidation of American Indian Movement and the violence that characterizes work in law enforcement.

Anatomy of Motive comes out of the combined effort by an agent whose task is to profile criminals and a journalist. Olshaker has reported on numerous crime-related incidences while Douglas has been profiling criminals for years. It tries to explain what leads a person into shedding blood. Some of the prominent cases profiled in the book include child murders in Atlanta, Ted Kaczynski and the incident in which 16 children were killed in Scotland.

Betrayal was authored by Jon Land and Robert Fitzpatrick. John gives the account of his rise from the slums to become one of the most lethal agent. He has to face one of the most notorious criminals. Unfortunately, within the ranks and file of the organization charged with fighting crime, there are corrupt agents working in cohort with politicians and administrators to keep the agents alive. They are ready to eliminate any agent they consider too nosy.

Between Heaven and Hell is the work of Welch Larry which hit the market in 2012. Larry tells of his life as the head of the bureau in Kansas and what it meant to capture wanted criminals. His narrative revolves around major robberies, serial killing, homicides and cattle rustling incidences. Other books worth noting are Dancing with Devils that was written by Emerson Robert, Bullets, Bombs and Fast Talk which was authored by Booting James as well as Bribery and Corruption Case Book whose author is Wells Joseph.

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