Online Checking For Indiana Arrest Records

In 1983, the Indiana Access to Public Records Act was passed and implemented in the state. This particular act mandates the local government of the state to allow its local residents the freedom to access their personal files which includes the Indiana Public Arrest Records. The Department of Public Safety in the state is the one responsible for keeping track of such documents.

There are a number of reasons why residents of Indiana request for an arrest record. One of the most commonly used reasons is to check on the background of an individual. Owners of businesses topped the list of people who regularly request for such document. They use the arrest record as reference when they check on the background of the people working for them. By doing so, the business or company can avoid future problems from arising.

As the name suggest, arrest records in Indiana contains details about the arrest of the person involved. One will also know information about when, where and how the arrest was done since it is also indicated on the file. It would not be a complete document without the name of the reported individual as well as other personal information about the person. To make the document a lot more helpful, the state has made the details of the person\’s appearance open to the public.

Getting a copy of an arrest record in Indiana would require several things from the one who requested it. The first thing to prepare is the processing fee. The fee would depend on the type of request made. Another thing to keep in mind is that the records can only be obtained by the person whose name is on the file. This means that the requesting for a copy of the arrest records of another individual would require a special court order. This is the reason why the basic details of the one who filed the request have to be provided during the search. Aside from that the basic details of the file that is being requested has to be provided. This can help hasten the search.

All of the criminal records of Indiana including the arrest records are kept at the office of the Department of Public Safety. This office is where one can file the request for such documents. Going to the county office to request for a copy of an arrest record is also possible but the search is only limited to the county\’s jurisdiction. One can also send the request via mail order. Because of the time needed for the results to be obtained, it is expected that the one who requested it can wait for a much longer time than usual.

If waiting is not an option, requesting for the state\’s police records can be done online. The results of the search can be obtained in just seconds instead of hours, days or even weeks. Because there is no need to go to any office, residents of Indiana can save time and their energy in the process.

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