Advertising for Home Services Available


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Advertising for Home Services Available

Hey y’all. If you run a business in any home services industry (yard care, remodel, roofing etc) and you’re in need of somewhere to spend your marketing budget this year, let me know. Forbes says if you want to stay steady, dedicate 5% of your gross to marketing . If you want to grow, dedicate 8-10%.

I will happily assist anyone in my industry with advertising on Angie’s List. I have access to winter pricing structures still for a lot of areas and would like to share the love and get you in while it’s inexpensive. Feel free to DM or post questions!

Advertising for Home Services Available

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One Reply to “Advertising for Home Services Available”

  1. It’s a nice offer you have there, but as a consumer of the site previous, I hate everything about Angies List.

    If you have a services business and want to maximize your spend, learn how to run ads across Facebook, Instagram and YouTube pre-roll off search queries. Pretty sure you’ll get CPM’s 100x what you could get from Angies List.

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