Looking for a CRM for B2B SAAS


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Looking for a CRM for B2B SAAS

I am going to be selling software subscriptions for a niche industry. I want to be able to call leads and basically when I pick up the phone the software logs it. Or when they call in it pops up the lead and their history. I want to take notes after every call and be able to have them pop up. I want to set follow up reminders after every call.

I don’t need it to integrate with social media. I don’t need it to create a shopify store. I don’t need it to interface with accounting or any other software. I can do all of the invoicing and accounting in my own software or something else.

I’m basically looking for a glorified contacts list. I will supply all of the leads. They will be by company, but it is possible I would try multiple people at the same company and see where I make the most inroads. So it should take notes on each person at a company like “not interested” or “very interested but needs manager approval”. Then when a company says no, to take them off of the list basically (but not delete them).

This to me sounds all really basic, like there have got to be 100 packages that do this. But I am trying to keep it simple, every time I look at a crm software it does 99 other things I don’t want or need. I don’t have the phone yet or the phone number, if that matters. Finding the right digital phone is also harder than it should be, maybe I will make a separate thread for that.

Finally, if it has a support feature that would be a bonus. Meaning, someone reports a bug and the software allows you to create a support ticket. But again I can find something else to do this to keep it simple. Like literally a post it note. But better to just have software that logs the person that called, the time, the number they called from, the company they work for, and let me type in the issue from there, if all that data is already going to be in the system from the beginning. And if it isn’t, then that should be a prompt that I need to put this person in.

Any suggestions? Thank you!

Looking for a CRM for B2B SAAS

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7 Replies to “Looking for a CRM for B2B SAAS”

  1. You could probably pick any of them and ignore the parts you don’t like. Go for the colors that make you happy.

  2. I’ve done this for businesses using RingCentral as the Voice over IP phone provider, and using Zoho CRM as the main system. Zoho CRM / Zoho One will cost you about $30/mo and Ring Central’s phone service is another $30/mo on top of that.

    This combo of software can do what you listed. Someone calls, a window pops up with who it is and their name before you pick up.

    You can change statuses and track multiple people from the same company.

    Automate follow up tasks based on the contact’s status.

    Built in ticket support system by using an online form.

    Zoho One also has way more advanced features that it sounds like you may not want just yet, but they’re there when you’re ready to expand.

    Let me know if you have any more questions about this setup or need help. Good luck!

  3. Someone mentioned it already. Zoho one. You get books, help desk and crm among a lot of other features and integration. Best bang for your buck.

  4. If you use Gmail I recommend Streak. Effortless crm, integrated to gmail and inexpensive

  5. Close.com

    If I am not mistaken, there were originally an outsourced sales company and built such a great outreach platform that they pivoted

    The platform is really built for B2B SAAS

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