Plant nursery llc or dba


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Plant nursery llc or dba

Having an inspection to become licensed as a nursery. Small home nursery but required in the state of FL to sell plants.
How do you go about registering your business? Is an LLC needed at this time with little profit or can I use a dba and convert to llc later as a sole proprietor?
Any advice on how to proceed would be greatly appreciated!

Plant nursery llc or dba

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3 Replies to “Plant nursery llc or dba”

  1. As you are starting a business, I recommend that you register as a sole prop LLC- it will make your life and your accountants much easier -it can be done online for a fee, )from services like legal zoom), but I don’t recommend it as they are way overpriced-

    Typically you need to have some money though the fees aren’t that high to get it all set up- If you are tech-savvy you can go through the []( site and navigate through there, it is a bit tricky as they don’t make it easy unless you really know how and where to look -you will also need to register with the sate, and with those docs open a bank account in your business name and Federal Tax ID number

    DM me and I can help you get it done

  2. I would start off as an LLC. The fees are $160 for an LLC, and the paperwork seems minimal [](


    The fees for a DBA are a pit cheaper, $50, and the paperwork is a bit less, but with an LLC you now have an entity that is separate from you personally. [](

  3. You don’t have to be an LLC to get the inspection certificate. You go on the fdacs site, find your local office and email. They come to your nursery or home to inspect and that’s it. It’s $35ish for the year.

    Get a tax ID, register dba, then contact fdacs is the easiest way. You can do the LLC later if you need to.

    What are you growing?

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