Cheap website builder


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Cheap website builder

Hey everyone,

I am looking to create a website for my marketing agency, and saw thag there are options like using squarespace etc.

I don’t want to pay like 10-20$/month tbh and am looking for cheaper alternatives for more or less 5$

I dont have any CSS html etc knowledge sadly.

Does anybody know a good solution/website builder that would suit me ?

Thanks in advance!

Cheap website builder

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8 Replies to “Cheap website builder”

  1. Hey I want the services of a marketing agency, but I don’t want to pay. Anybody know a marketing agency that’s $5?

    Just yanking your chain, but if you use a “do it yourself” web builder, it’s going to look like it. I would expect a marketing agency to have a “blow my mind” website. Since you’re a marketing agency, you’ll probably be working closely with a web developer for future projects. Why not find one now and your first project can be building your website?

    If you really want something cheap and DIY, try Wix. It’s easy and free. If you want more features, you can pay for it.

  2. How basic Is the website?

    You can find people make it for free if it’s real basic and host it for free

  3. Square space/Wordpress/wix usually have free options for you to use otherwise can’t see you getting anything for ten bucks a month. Hosting fees are usually that never mind creating the website

  4. WordPress is free just find a cheap host. But if you’re starting a marketing agency why are you only trying to spend $5? You will get what you put in.

  5. Well you pay for exactly what you get, WordPress is free. But if you want added functionality, support, premium plugins it can cost you.

    Server hosts, you can normally get a good deal for the 1st year. Cheapest option would be digital ocean I would imagine but realize you will need to do more leg work yourself.

  6. No, wordpress is free but you need a host. Digital Ocean is probably the cheapest but you will need to do more work on your side. In reality you just need to pay for a host like Siteground.

  7. I’ve enjoyed using Google Sites completely free. Simplified everything for me, especially when I could get carried away with the layout forever!

  8. Github is free for hosting static sites if you don’t care how the url looks (or you can buy a domain), you just need to build the site somehow on your own. might be an option, but of course you need to put in the time to learn how to use it.

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