Where do I find those?


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Where do I find those?

I am backward in finance and I am straightening it out this year.

But where can I find those:

Permanent File
_______Copies of corporate information
_______Articles of Incorporation
_______Last Certificate of Corporate Good Standing
_______Copies of any other corporate information
_______Copies of significant agreements (i.e. leases, debt agreements, bank covenants, partnership agreements, etc.)

Is it at the FTB?

Where do I find those?

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One Reply to “Where do I find those?”

  1. All of these are contracts with other parties. If you for some reason don’t have these yourself (which hopefully you understand by now that that’s wildly irresponsible) then you go to the other party involved and ask for a copy of what they have. Items filed with the state you can request copies from them. Items filed with banks you would ask the bank for them.

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