Cold baths!! Help!!


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I can’t get enough hot water for a bath, I heat the water in the morning for 2 hours (it should stay hot in the tank) but I also turn it on for about an hour before I want to bathe in the evening.

I turn the tap on and the water is scalding, absolutely boiling, until the bath fills to about the level you’d bath a small baby. (Less water than I usually put in my toddler’s bath)

Then it goes lukewarm, then eventually stone cold, so even if I was to run myself a shallow bath just to cover my body, it’s not really an enjoyable temperature. I have to grit my teeth, get in, wash, get out.

I would love an actually hot bath, filled to the top (well you know, not the top, but a high enough point for the average adult woman to relax in)

I’m fed up.

I don’t have a shower so have to rely on the bath to get clean.

House has oil central heating but the hot water tank is heated with electric.

Please advise this cold bather.

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2 Replies to “Cold baths!! Help!!”

  1. How old is the water heater? Sounds like that’s the culprit. First and easiest check is the anode rod (google your specific model, but it’s going to be on the top of the tank).

    There are other aspects that could be sub-optimal/replaced (heating element, supply lines, etc), but depending on the size of the heater you might be better off replacing vs. attempting to repair (a repair could easily cost 1/2 or more of a new unit and still leave other issues down the road you’ll need to fix later; new heaters often have warranties meaning you’ll have several years of not having to worry about it).

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