4 Replies to “How do I straighten/fix these nose pad arms on my glasses?”

  1. Best way is needle nosed pliers (small ones) and manipulate the metal arches until they are where you want

  2. Any place that sells classes will fix them for free. I had to do it several times when my daughter was little.

  3. Take them to literally any place that sells glasses. They’ll do it for free and it takes like 5 seconds. Easiest way to do it

  4. Any optical will adjust them professionally for free. Even clean them and replace the pads. They have special pliers for nose pads.
    If you’re desperate or don’t have a place in your town you can use needle nosed pliers or even your thumb. Those pieces are designed to be moved around so shouldn’t break unless it’s really old.
    I work with glasses for a living.

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