3 Replies to “How to report a South American scammer living in the USA?”

  1. Scams across country borders are difficult to prosecute, you’d need a whole hell of a lot of evidence- email correspondence, text messages, letters, bank transfers etc and even that probably won’t get you very far unless the scammer is being reckless. Most scammers use virtual machines and vpns to obfuscate their location and identity.

    If your local government has an investigative body that deals with fraud you need bring all the evidence to them and they will contact authorities in the country of origin for the scam if they feel they have enough evidence and reason to launch an investigation.

    My grandmother was scammed about 10 years ago, we were never able to get the money back and the investigation had almost nothing to go off so they dropped it almost immediately. Your best course of action is to cut your losses and educate the person who got scammed on what to look out for.

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