How do I turn on my hot water?


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Hi guys, me and my roommate moved into a house and didn’t turn the hot water on when we moved in because it was summer and we didn’t mind cold showers. I’m pretty sure iv got a gas water heater, and now that it’s winter we NEED it. How do I turn on my hot water, I know I’ll probably have to light it and turn it on, but who do I call to get gas. I Googled the crap outta this question and got nothing, any help would be much appreciated!

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4 Replies to “How do I turn on my hot water?”

  1. Info: Where do you live? town, country, rural area? First find out what type of gas you have… LP, Oil, or natural.

  2. It should be hooked up directly to your gas line, sounds like it is just a matter of lighting the pilot light.

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