Just turned 17, wanna learn (or maybe start) an online business.


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Just turned 17, wanna learn (or maybe start) an online business.

in a few months I will graduate from high school, after that I have about 6 months of free time before entering college (if accepted).

can you guys give me an example of an online business along with the mechanism for how the business makes money.

Also i have an interest in programming.

Thank you for reading.

Just turned 17, wanna learn (or maybe start) an online business.

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4 Replies to “Just turned 17, wanna learn (or maybe start) an online business.”

  1. Learn how to write sales copy. The only thing you need to know is persuasive salesmanship. Study direct response marketing / copywriting and you will be able to make money in nearly any market, online or off.

  2. If you have an interest in programming – go learn programming. You’re going to need a decent amount of learning before you can build anything profitable.

  3. Etsy. Find a simple craft and go from there.

    I set up my 13yo daughter with $100 seed money. She bought inventory, set pricing, planned promotions, processed orders, tracked profits, and learned a lot of the basics of business without worrying about the more complicated details of running a business (building websites, advertising, accepting credit cards/ merchant services, etc.).

    My daughter made distressed tee shirts and earned about $600 in the summer working about 1 hour per week. Could she have made more? Certainly! But the money was a side benefit – the real value for her was learning about running a business.

  4. If you’re in the US you might contact a company called SCORE. It’s volunteers that mentor people trying to startup a company. They try to pair you with mentors who know your field.

    I’m not sure I can advise you on what type of company to start, but they can at least help you through the steps.

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