Resources and information on starting a pottery business?


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Resources and information on starting a pottery business?

I’d like to start a business selling my pottery but I have no idea where to start. I’ve spent all my time these last few years learning ceramics and have gotten really good at it but I dont know the first thing about starting or running a business. Any advice?

Resources and information on starting a pottery business?

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2 Replies to “Resources and information on starting a pottery business?”

  1. I would advise that you find folks online who are selling their pottery (or other handmade crafts) and take notes on what they are doing.

    What does their website look like and how is it hosted? What kind of social media presence do they have? Do you notice if they are running any paid ads? Do they have a team working with them or are they alone? Do you notice if they are going to craft markets, fairs, etc? Do they have any info on their site about how they ship their goods (this is key for ceramics because of the fragility). Get on their email list and see what kinds of ways they promote themselves.

    You might even reach out to them and see if they are willing to chat with you and give you some guidance! Normally I would offer to take people out to lunch if I wanted to ask them questions like this; now with COVID you can offer a postmates lunch or something like that. I have had success with this method in getting some really beneficial information out of 2 mentors recently.

    To get you started, some handmade ceramic brands that come to mind are Sugar House Ceramic Co, Uni + Ichi, and Void Form Ceramics. (Note: I just like ceramics a lot, I’m not actually a ceramicist. I guess I’m your target market!)

  2. Dive into facebook pottery communities, there is bound to be one revolving around people selling there wares and discussing how they do it and what works/doesn’t work for them.

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