How to get rid of social anxiety


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I have bad social skills and always joke up around new people. My job requires me to be social but I can never pull myself to actually be social. I’ve been anti social for my whole life and finally want to change it. Ant tips or advice?

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4 Replies to “How to get rid of social anxiety”

  1. Practice and positive self talk. It’s not too often, but it still comes up for me from time to time, but now it is easy to just sit through it without freaking out. It used to be so bad though. Perhaps it’s counterintuitive, but the thing that makes it worse is social isolation.

  2. You might consider that practicing being more social is a strategy. Though it will make you uncomfortable at first. The more you do it, the more you’ll get the hang of it. Practice will also give you important feedback for what works and what doesn’t. Another strategy would be to practice with strangers. That way if you really flub up, then NO loss! For example, strike up a conversation anywhere you go in public. The Store, gas station, waiting at a Doc office, dmv, anywhere you have an opportunity to speak to someone else. Also, pay attention to someone you meet who is a great talker. Heck, ask them what their secret is and how can you do the same.

    Can’t vouch for this book but found it on Amazon called: “How to Be Social: A Guide to Talking to People with Comfort, Confidence, and Ease” I believe it is a free kindle format offering. Here is a link [](

  3. Find another line of work. I’m not a social person, and have been able to manage restaurants where interaction is sporadic and short, but I wouldn’t go into sales or work a call center.

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