Wholesale to RRP percentage markup advice.


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Wholesale to RRP percentage markup advice.

I’m planning on starting up a new company in the UK as a wholesaler and I’m currently looking over what kind of markup I should be looking at from wholesale price to rrp. I’m being told two different things from two different people who know the market. One is saying that the lower the percentage markup the better and the other is stating you want it to be higher. For example the lower is stating you want it to be 25-50% the other is stating 100-120%. The company would be selling homeware items like lamps if that matters.

Any advice on the on the matter would be great.


Wholesale to RRP percentage markup advice.

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2 Replies to “Wholesale to RRP percentage markup advice.”

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  2. Honestly totally depends on your market and what you’re selling. Our wholesale to retail is roughly double but varies depending on the item. You’re not always going to double the price on your higher priced items and certain industries have crazy markups: I had a friend who’s family were jewelers and he said markup was always at least 3 times…

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