Safety Check: Facebook\’s New Tool Covered By Long Island SEO Experts

In this day and age, in particular, safety is of the utmost importance. People want to make sure that they are taking the proper precautions to ensure that they are not only healthy but safe in the types of environments that they have positioned themselves within. Facebook seems to have focused on this factor, as evidenced by its latest tool, Safety Check. It\’s an interesting piece of software, as I am sure that any and all Long Island SEO companies will agree with.

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Android Operating System 101

The Android OS is a lot like the Windows operating system you have on your personal computer. However, it is specifically designed to work on small, low power gadgets like smartphones and tablets. It’s intended to run as efficiently as it can be while using as little electricity as possible. Android Inc. received world wide recognition when in August 2005 Google acquired the company after which it promptly announced that they’re going to be making the operating system Open Source to ensure anyone can use it without paying for it or pay any royalties.

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Path to Creating Applications for Android

Google developed the Android OS so just about anyone together with the appropriate skills can build applications to run on an Android mobile phone or tablet. Google’s solution to producing smartphones is entirely opposite to Apple, who prefer control over the software that people can put on their iPhones. The open characteristics of Android makes sure that you can develop anything you want and people will be able to download and install the app.. Countless developers have jumped ship from iPhone apps to building apps for the Android because of the freedom it provides.

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