Bounce houses in Europe


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Bounce houses in Europe

Good day everyone.
My idea is to start renting new design bounce houses.
So on holidays I went to Spain and saw kids having a birthday party. They had some new design bounce house with water slide and other cool stuff which kids loved. When I came back to my country I did a research and haven’t seen anything similar in ad’s, mostly all the bounce houses are kinda old design and not that fun looking. So I thought why not to ask reddit guys who has experience in this business and ask them is it really worth to deep dive in this? I mean I love kids, talking to people and I see no problem driving all day around.

What “do” and “don’t” can u tell me? Are you doing something similar in your country? Do you have a high demand?
Thanks for all the information and sorry for my English.

Bounce houses in Europe

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2 Replies to “Bounce houses in Europe”

  1. My mum runs one of the highest rated rental companies in Northern Ireland.

    She’s doing well, even during covid. People are renting them still for their bubble, or just to keep their kids busy. Also rents out soft play which does even better!

    Any questions, dm me.

  2. It seems very uncovid proof so may be worth putting the idea on a back burner, developing it further then when things return to normality bringing it out again.

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