How to scale a landscaping business


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How to scale a landscaping business

My husband has been owning and operating a small landscaping business, and so far has been very successful. However, he’s at that point where he knows he can keep on growing. So far he has been doing almost everything: customer service, bidding, managing employees, repairing equipment, collecting payments, invoicing, paying help, and so on. I have so far been helping him with office stuff (paperwork, compliance, communicating with accountant)
I know this is not sustainable if he wants to take the company to the next level, and I was wondering if you could shine a light on the right direction on how we can scale.

How to scale a landscaping business

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4 Replies to “How to scale a landscaping business”

  1. Document everything and time yourself to see how long it takes. Once everything is documented and timed, find out what your effective hourly rate is (total income divided by hours).

    Now, go through each task and determine who you’d have to hire to do that task (landscaper for yard work, office admin for customer service and invoicing…). You can then look up the expected salary for each role on Google and determine if you’re charging enough (profitable).

    Next, hire someone to do whichever set of tasks take up the majority of your time. Ideally, you can hire enough people so you can work on your business and not in your business. You only have 40 hours a week and wasting it doing tasks that can be hired out means your business will never truly grow.

    With your new found freedom look into Google Local Services (godsend for home services) and Service Titan. I have clients on both and their revenue lines look vertical as a result.

  2. Hire people to take things that aren’t making/saving him a lot of money. East things are to hire an accountant to take care of the daily balance sheets.

    Perhaps hire someone to take care of routine equipment maintenance.

    See if you can promote someone to be a site foreman to take care of the more mundane management and ensuring that the job is done in accordance with your standards.

    Develop a process and procedure for your tasks. If you are doing multi-day projects at customer sites, how do you want the job site to look at the end of every day? Should trash and tools be strewn around, or should staff clean up the job site every day. Document what you want in a procedure.

  3. A centralized technology platform will do you some good. Take Microsoft 365 for example. You can store everything your business needs in OneDrive, you can use Teams to communicate to each other, and also use other things like CRM, Accounting, etc. Life is more streamlined when everything is in one place and works together.

  4. Hi there! Also consider the fees you pay when you accept card payments. An easy way to get closer to the next level is making sure you’re paying the lowest fees so you can keep more profit. I can assist if you’re interested. []( is my companies website, I can audit your current set up and determine if you’re overpaying.

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