College Analogy Examples

An analogy shows similarity when comparing two different things. It doesn’t really provide any facts; it just shows how different things have common factors. The best description of analogy is a relationship between words. An analogy example can help you understand their meaning. When you reference an analogy you usually use a demonstration such as “a” is to “b” and is also somehow similar in relationship between “c” is to “d”.

When trying to demonstrate an analogy, this is a good way to help the reader visualize what you are trying to say. It can help to transfer information from one object to another. This happens by implying there is a similarity. Here are some specific examples of analogy: Monitor is to computer as glove is to hand; credit is to shopper as fur is to North American Aboriginals.

Once you learn to understand analogies, then you will appreciate using them in everyday language. Here are some analogy examples: Blind is to vision as death is to life; A song is to a singer as a child is to its mother; A plant is water as a painting is to a painter; Love is to life as strings are to guitar. Here are some famous examples of analogies: “MTV is to music as KFC is to chicken.” (Lewis Black) “Writing a book of poetry is like dropping a rose petal down the Grand Canyon and waiting for the echo.” (Don Marquis). “I am to dancing what Roseanne is to singing and Donald Duck to motivational speeches. I am as graceful as a refrigerator falling down a flight of stairs. (Leonard Pitts, “Curse of Rhythm Impairment.” Miami Herald, Sep. 28, 2009)

Two types of analogies are Similes and Metaphors. Most people will understand the common analogies, but sometimes there are some that are only understood by certain countries. Language barriers can often cause an analogy to remain a misunderstanding. Sometimes special groups of people make up their own analogies to bind their group together. When two things are compared using words such as “like” or “as” those analogies are Similes. A couple examples of analogies would be: “She is as blind as a bat” which explains she doesn’t see very well. Another very common one is “You are as stubborn as a mule!” This is pretty self-explanatory, you are being very stubborn.

Similes are often used by poets and authors. Here are a few ‘sweet’ examples: Sweet as summer’s showers. It is as sweet as the morning dew upon a rose. It is sweet as the last smile of sunset. On the other end of the spectrum, a Metaphor is often funny or strange, but still gets the point across. Where two different things are compared, but still have something in common is the Metaphor type of analogy. It seems like a fact, but still requires some thought to process. A good example is “you are the wind beneath my wings”. The true meaning of this is that a person is your support, not actually air beneath you. Some good examples of Metaphors are as follows: Let’s cross that bridge when we come to it; I’ll die of embarrassment; don’t be such an airhead; Bursting with flavor; Just peachy; Late breaking news.

The best way to show the meaning of the word “analogy” is to demonstrate analogy examples. These are examples of some of the more common analogies, some are metaphors and some are similes. This is my favorite analogy example: Life is like a box of chocolates, meaning life is always a surprise. There are plenty of fish in the sea, meaning there are more people to date out there, so go get them. I feel like a fish out of water, means you are out of your comfort zone.

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