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How to start a training / consulting company – Ask Evan

Evan Carmichael is answering a question about starting an entrepreneurship training and consulting company.

The person asking the question has failed to start such a company and wants to know how to create greater awareness and increase interest in the field.

Evan suggests that it can be difficult to create interest in a new field and recommends looking at existing markets and solving their challenges.

He mentions that entrepreneurs generally don’t have much money, so it can be tough to create valuable offerings they will pay for.

Evan explains that he loves helping entrepreneurs and most of what he does is free, but he suggests finding ways to make money from what the person is doing.

He suggests looking at government organizations that fund training and consulting services and approaching corporations interested in providing value to entrepreneurs.

Evan also mentions that partnering with startup entrepreneurs and becoming a business partner could be a way to make money from a startup type of business.

He emphasizes the importance of matching skill sets and personalities when forming partnerships.

Evan acknowledges that creating a new market is tough and it may be better to focus on an established market.

He concludes by encouraging the person to use these ideas to start their entrepreneurship training and consulting company successfully.