Exploring The Treasures Of The Deep

The Philippine seas are filled with treasures waiting to be discovered. This is evident when visiting the best dive sites in Philippines. Each location offers distinct characteristic that endears it to both experienced and amateur divers. Plunging into the abyss will help one appreciate Nature more.

The ocean surrounding Sulu and Dumaguete are the most visited divers paradise in this archipelago. Its crystal waters enable guests to mix and mingle with big fishes and appreciate its well-formed coral reefs. However bear in mind that only certified divers are allowed to dip in these sanctuaries. Strong currents prevail in these areas.

Beginners can always go to Puerto Galera, Mindoro Oriental for a license. Its calm waters lets you appreciate Nature and learn the basics of scuba diving. Obviously you need to learn how to swim and save yourself in case some unfortunate incident happens beneath the ocean. Evidently you have to always be on guard when venturing the great blue sea. Remember it is filled with surprises.

Visiting the white beaches of Camiguin is very calming. Diving into its abyss however is more exciting. In this territory, you get to discover what produce the regions hot springs. True enough its active underwater volcanoes make the area extremely appealing.

Treasure hunters and historians on the other hand prefer to board a plane or a ship going to Coron Island, Palawan. It offers rare historical artifacts that are ideal for study. However only those with legal permits are allowed to collect these items. Evidently each artifact is a valuable key to the past thus expect such restrictions.

The busy folks of Manila should not worry if they do not have much budget for this adventure. Anilao, Batangas is one of the best dive sites in Philippines. It only takes 3 hours to get there coming from the city. Take a bus or simply drive your car to this peaceful province. Book in one of its infamous resorts and explore its deep. It offers a 13 km relaxing ambiance in an affordable rate.

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