How To Boost Revenue By Sending Appointment Reminders To Your Customers

So many hours are wasted on a daily basis from no-show appointments. This is time that could be better spent earning income for your business. Research has repeatedly shown that appointment reminders save businesses time and money by decreasing no show rates. Automating those reminders increases revenue even more by freeing up office resources to focus on other tasks.

Many business owners are under the false impression that automated appointment reminders cost too much money or may not be worth the time and expense it takes to set them up. Enter ‘’ Appointment reminders for (small) businesses. As the name implies, is a reminder service. What makes this company different is the way it operates. Flexibility, value, and ease of use are the company’s primary business objectives. They provide a very easy to use interface for creating and sending appointment reminders in call, text, or email format. It is all done online and there is no software to install. They even offer a free account tier that allows you to send up to 100 reminders per month. If you are looking to send more than 100, look at their business accounts which start at only $10 per month. After that, each reminder is only about 10 cents each.

They give you full control over the design of your reminders. You control everything about them. From the content of the reminders, to how and when they go out to your customers. You can even record your own voice files for use in call type reminders. This is all done right through the web interface so you can forget spending weeks hemming and hawing over contracts, specifications, and negotiations.

They also make it super easy to add appointments. You can upload an excel file, link your Google calendar, or just add them right on the site. In some cases, if you use a supported scheduling system, they can even handle the data transfer for you at a small additional cost.

They also make it very simple to add your appointments. You can upload an excel file, link your Google calendar, or just add them right through the site.

Currently, they make reminders for all kinds of businesses including doctor’s offices, salons, therapy practices, lawn care, pest control, law offices, and more!

Their team of trained professionals have over 20 years of experience in the industry. When you sign up, you can rest assured that your customers are in good hands. Being a small business themselves, they can relate to the notion that every customer counts and is not only important, but vital to the success of the business.

If you can decrease your no-show rate by just ONE customer per month, the service has paid for itself many times over. Stop wasting hours staring out the window when you can be running your business the way you intended it to be busy…and profitable!

When it comes to reminders, seeking for an appointment reminder service is a must. They can build a strategic reminder service to get all they need.