3 Fantastic Baby Photo Idea Tips

Here are three extremely helpful tips that you’ll want to make sure to remember each time you do a baby photo shoot.

1. Baby Wraps

When using a baby wrap it is a good idea to always bundle the little one as tight as possible to mimic the security and warmth of the womb. Having a content (and still) baby throughout your photo session is key to taking great shots. Bundling the baby tightly is, in basically the same as swaddling with a blanket; which has been shown by medical experts to soothe infants because it recreates the safe and comforting feeling of the womb. A newborn that feels secure and safe is a happy baby!

2. White Noise

Newborns, are used to hearing the sounds of the womb so a soft white noise will have a profound soothing effect on them. Most professional newborn photographers always have a white noise machine within reach and will even keep it in use during the entire photo session. If you don’t have a white noise maker or are don’t want to buy one, there are free apps that simulate the machines. If you have your computer with you on location and there is an inter-net connection there, you can find several different websites that act like a white noise machine (just search “White Noise Maker”). For toddlers that are a few months older, usually a white noise maker won’t do the job but the toddler may have a favorite song that he/she likes to listen to and this can have the same calming effect. When you show up for the photo session just ask the mom/dad if their baby has a favorite song or toy that they like to hear to when they fall asleep.

3. Always Bring Wipes!

You know that it’s going to happen – the occasional accident that sneaks up on you and leaves one of your props a mess! Don’t worry, as long as you remember to keep a pack of baby wipes with you when you are at a photo shoot, you will always be able to respond quickly and preserve the life of your photo props. Always keep them close by because accidents always happen when you least want them to. You may be able to rely on the parents to have wipes in the house but the best long term solution is to just bring your own. It’s so worth it.

These are the easiest three tips to remember and most helpful in my experience. Even some of the most experienced photographers can forget about these three tips sometimes.

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