4 Ways Karate Classes Help Kids

While participating in a sport promotes teamwork and discipline, some children simply aren\’t interested in playing soccer, baseball or another team sport. For these children, karate or martial arts classes can greatly enhance their life, including these four important benefits.

1. Building Confidence & Gaining Self-Esteem

For a child who seems to have little athletic ability or a shy child that is a frequent target of bullying, life on the playground can be tough. Often these are children have difficulties with their peers and it can damage their self-confidence. One of the great things about martial arts is that anyone can be successful if they work hard. You don\’t have to be big and powerful to be great at karate, you just have to focus and learn. As your child progresses in karate training, this will build up confidence which they will apply in other areas of life.

2. Improve Focus & Self-Discipline

It doesn\’t matter if you are tall or short, you can be great at martial arts. However, you do have to apply yourself, work hard and focus. These are skills that are important for all parts of our life, and instructors will stress the benefit of remaining focused and determined when completing any task. One of the goals of martial arts training is to instill a sense of self-discipline in the student. Instructors stress that every act we do needs to be purposeful, whether it\’s learning a new kick or finishing up math homework. We always need to do our best. Because children enjoy karate classes, they tend to focus well on learning these skills and the instructors also will be interested in whether or not the child is staying focused at school and at home.

3. Respect Yourself & Others

If you have ever watched a karate class or marital arts class, you probably noticed that the students are quite respectful of their instructors. Your child\’s teacher will expect that each child show him respect. But it doesn\’t just end during class. It also is expected that children will be respectful to teachers, parents and other adults, as well as their classmates and siblings. In addition, one should have a sense of self-respect, while still remaining humble. All of this is part of the teachings of martial arts.

4. Self-Defense Will Be Taught

Everyone, big or small, should be able to defend themselves and this is a big reason why many parents enroll their children in martial arts classes. Not only do the skills taught allow children to defend themselves in general, the exercise builds strength and stamina. In addition, the training also teaches self-awareness which increases their safety in a variety of situations. They will be more aware of their surroundings and be more aware if there are any dangers around. The improved self-confidence and strength also tends to make them less of a target for bullies in general, but they will have the ability to defend themselves if that becomes necessary.

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