5 Reasons to choose Yaeger CPA Review

Yaeger CPA Review has been doing business for about 35 years and provides the most extensive course on the market. Phil Yaeger, Founder and instructor, founded the business back in 1977 and has truly mastered his art of helping CPA prospects. His experience presents students with a massive competitive advantage which in turn is why Yaeger CPA has the largest pass rate in the market of 88%.

Yaeger is a family owned business that combines the personal support and attention of a small business with the high quality product you would expect from a large corporation. Professor Yaeger exudes the importance of this saying ”Whether by phone or e-mail – you can contact me and the other instructors personally almost anytime.”

So what sets them apart from the other CPA reviews?

1. Straightforward Teaching Style

Yaeger is able to simplify complex topics in a way that makes them easier to comprehend and learn. They instruct individuals not merely how to do something but also exactly why they are doing it. Yaeger delivers clear and simple to follow lectures which are beneficial to people of any of learning style or preference.

2. Great Support Services

Yaeger’s Live Instructor Hotline provides you with individual one-on-one assistance. This is certainly the greatest customer support of all the CPA review courses. Many other review courses expect students to write their problems on an online forum or submit their questions through an e-mail which often don’t get replied to for several business days. Yaeger realizes that individuals should have guidance as soon as the questions initially develop and that the most effective method to offer support is through interaction with a real human being, not through e-mails.

3. Many Course Formats With Unrestricted Use

Another great factor about Yaeger CPA review is they provide their courses in a DVD, USB, On-line, and Mobile format. They also have absolutely no restrictions over their study course materials that may be installed to as many computers as you want. This provides students the freedom to take their studies any place they want and not have to worry about whether or not they can access their course materials.

4. Very Affordable

The cost of the materials for all Four parts of the examination is $1,787 which happens to be about 50 % of the cost of Becker CPA. They also offer discounts to recent college grads, certain accounting affiliations, and many other groups which I have seen for up to $225 off. Yaeger’s pricing is very close to the current market average which is remarkable taking into account that they provide far more value than their competitors. Yaeger CPA review is definitely the greatest bang for your buck.

5. Excellent Textbooks

Yaeger CPA uses Wiley Textbooks for all four sections of the exam which is a huge benefit as they are one the most well respected publishers in the entire accounting industry. By using Wiley’s textbooks they are able to focus all their efforts on helping students learn and pass the CPA exam.

I have taken the CPA exam as well as tested every major CPA review course in the business and can confidently tell you that Yaeger CPA offers the most value to their students and truly cares about your success.

Bryce Welker, who successfully passed the CPA exam in 2011, has researched and used every major CPA review course in the market. Before you purchase a review course, be sure to read about the Top 3 CPA Reviews of 2012!