A Look At HVAC Recycling Sun Valley

Various organizations have come out to encourage industries, homeowners, offices and other institutions to release old HVAC appliances for recycling. The HVAC recycling sun valley program is mean for second refrigerators that are working. This is often because they became the second unit after a new one was purchased. A typical refrigerator made before 1993 uses over 1,000 kWh per year, so removing units made before this time from the grid provides significant energy and capacity benefits.

Some Energy Efficiency Program Sponsors also promote recycling at the time a customer buys a new refrigerator in order to prevent the original unit from becoming a second refrigerator. It is a common practice for retail delivery people to move the old refrigerator of the customer to a garage or basement when delivering a new one. Partnering with local appliance retailers is a good way to reach customers at the time of purchase.

There exists several elements of program and one of them is Plan. Most Energy Efficiency Program Sponsors begin with a cost effectiveness analysis that quantifies the potential energy and capacity savings, and the cost to run the program. It is helpful to consult with experienced program implementers and recyclers when gathering cost information. Most organizations that operate reusing programs outsource the refrigerator collection and reusing to an outside party.

Marketing will refer to any activity or procedure that is executed so as to ensure that information concerning the program gets to the client. Use of web content, adverts, bill inserts has been found to be effective way of accomplishing such. Incentives to the retailers and buyers helps in attracting more people to subscribe to the program.

It is important for any organization involved in reusing to provide well defined pick up schedules to the potential clients. It is advisable to setup a call center that will receive all queries and requests made by customers. Follow up and collection is supposed to be done within few days after a client books a collection so that they do not loose interest or change their mind.

Collection is only done after a client allows the same by signing the relevant documents. The actual collection can be done by the renovation center or by local appliance retailers. The appliances are then transported to the rehabilitation plant. . Before loading the unit to be recycled on the truck, it is best if the recycler can deface the refrigerator or freezer and cut the cord in order to assure the customer that the unit will not be resold or reused.

The key step executed by a sponsor for energy efficiency program is the actual recycling procedure. The large appliance recycling companies capture the chlorofluorocarbons, from the refrigerant and the insulating foam, to prevent their release into the atmosphere. These practices help avoid further destruction of the ozone layer and global warming.

Data management and reporting helps in ensuring that the process is well coordinated and that loopholes are eliminated in future practices. On a continuous basis, the recycler reports on the number and type of freezers collected. Sponsors can use this data to calculate energy savings from the program. Sample contract rules for recycling of air conditioners, contractor agrees not to reuse or resell any appliances collected, and to recycle these refrigerators in the right way including disposing of freezers and refrigerators in a way that meets or exceeds what is described by the federal law.

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