A Minneapolis Landscaping Company Offers Fall Landscaping Ideas

Summer is gone, and with lower temperatures and shorter days now is the time to prepare your outdoors for the winter months. Proper preparation will not only keep the landscape looking good all winter but also have it ready for a beautiful growth of flowers in the spring. Information and tips on easy landscape preparation are available from landscaping services Minneapolis businesses.

The first thing to do is to give your outside area a thorough cleaning. Clear out the brush and weeds, rake the leaves, and put them all in a compost pile. Check any stakes you may have on tree roses or trees and make sure they are in good condition so they will not break during bad weather.

Bulbs, perennials, trees, and shrubs should be planted in the fall. Growers should follow implicit planting instructions if the desired result is to be obtained. With proper planting, there will be a gorgeous array of color in your landscape when summer rolls around.

For people who like a colorful array of summer color, fall is the time to plant pansies, primroses, violas, calendulas, violas, primula, snapdragons, and stock. Every growing area is different so it is important to talk to a local nursery regarding native plants and drought-resistant perennials.

There are a number of plants that you can grow and maintain in cold weather, if in the right location. These include heather, camellias, azalea, honeysuckle, hellebore, Viburnum and Bird of Paradise. Some locations require that these have some kind of shelter. Bulbs such as tulips, iris, and daffodils, will also bloom early when in the right location.

In making final preparation for the winter months, a very important location to take care of is the lawn. All debris should be cleared from the area and a fertilization be applied. Lowering the height of the lawnmower will prevent the development of a dry lawn. Aerating the area is an excellent way to prevent further growth of thatch. Landscaping services Minneapolis enterprises will be happy to supply further tips regarding preparing the outdoors for the winter months.

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