All You Need To Know About The Talented Miss Shria Paraashar

With the advent of computers, people have had more and more avenues wherein they could express themselves and share what they have got. Some want to share their inspirations and motivations in the hope of inspiring another. Some just want to share their talents for the sake for sharing, and some see it as a stepping stone towards fame.

Video sharing sites are most beneficial for people who want to share their talents to make the public happy. Every day, millions of videos are being added to the expansive collection embedded within these sites. Most of them showcase varied talents of different individuals. One of these talented individuals is Shria Paraashar.

Shria is an extraordinary mix of so many things. She is a good daughter, a doting sister to her siblings, a supportive friend to her circle of peers, and an extraordinary musician. On top of that she is also into social service and would very much like to connect with all sorts of people in every way she could. She is not only talented, but she is also smart as well.

Since she was just a very young girl. Shria has long since shown signs that she is going to be a wonderful addition to the field of music. Her love for the said world of notes and symphonies started, according to her, the very first time she saw her cousin play the piano. She suddenly had a longing to be able to do it herself, and the prodigy that she was, she actually did.

She then realized than her sweet voice that could rival those of well known singers was very well suited for the music of her native country, which is India. As of the present, Miss Paraashar is training to become a master in Hindustani music. Hindustani music entails all the classic melodies of northern India.

When she was still new to video sharing, however, Miss Paraashar did not focus right away on the harmony of her beloved hometown. In fact, her very first video in YouTube was a piano cover of the famous piece by Paul de Seneville, the Mariage dAmour. She used the codename ninya999 and her video has been viewed by more than six thousand viewers.

Due to the success of the said video, she has decided to share more, most of them her personal favorites. She then took a well calculated risk by adding a new flavor to Arabian music. Nobody quite expected that she can improve on the very popular Arab number, Bel Salama, but she pulled it off.

But, before she rose to fame as a YouTube artist, she also served in the force. She has experienced what it was like to be a soldier for the United States Army. She was then an MOS 68W Health Care Specialist.

She is also one of the very rare dames who are not only beautiful and talented, but also very smart. Shria, for those who do not know, is a Scholar of the Sciences from a well known university. True to her humble nature, she has attested that she has not done all the hard work on her own, because she has done it with the help of her excellent professors. As it is, no one can deny that she is truly an all in one package.

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