Alumidust Metallic Powders Are Safer And Easier To Use In Metal Cold Castings

Metal powders can be used with real metal cold casting. This is the process where a metal powder is mixed with a resin until it becomes thick. This mixture is then brushed, or slush-cast, onto the mold surface, and then the resin is left to cure. Straight resin, or resin mixed with metal powder, is applied over the gel coat, and then the finished product is a casting that looks like real metal. The metal cold cast process is faster and substantially less expensive than molten metal casting at the foundry.

To achieve an aesthetic appearance on a casting, paints that are designed for just this purpose can be used. A good solution is Alumidust Metallic Powders; these can be either combined with the casting resin, or applied straight onto the mold with a brush.

Alumidust comes in small containers because only small amounts need to be used each time. They are also safe to use due to their non toxicity, which means they are much easier to use than other, more dangerous paints. Silicone rubber molds that are high gloss are great for giving the casting a bright look where the colors and patterns really stand out.

There are 28 separate metallic powder colors available that include copper, bronze, gold and pewter, as well as other hues and shades to suit any application. These powders are suitable for a myriad of different uses that anyone can create.

A great way to use these powders is to dust them for making fishing lures of the soft plastic type. The process of creating soft lures is a lot simpler than the making of hard lures; a lot less time is involved and there is no need for specialist or expensive equipment such as compressors, air brushes, or purpose built ventilation.

The making of soft plastic lures can be quite dangerous because of the flammable paints that are needed; however, using Alumidust powders makes the whole process so much safer and easier. The procedure is simple; the mold itself is first painted, or dusted, instead of the lure. It is important to note that the outside color is the one that needs to be applied first.

The next step is to heat up the soft plastic, and pour it into the mold. Then let it cool and set. To make the clear coat, heat up the clear plastic to a thin consistency, dip the lure into the mixture for a few seconds, then hold it by the tail and let the excess plastic drip off. Finally, let the finished lure cool and set completely, and it’s done.

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