Assessment Of The Illinois Congress Candidate 2014

Politics has always been and will always be a very dirty game. Politics is characterized by very cunning characters and therefore is not a play ground for the light minds. Politicians have a very strong sense of mind-reading abilities. They have to read the minds of the masses especially when campaigning and making promises. Honesty is a very good virtues but being excessive honesty can damage a political career. This means that one has to balance between being good with eh tongue and being able to live up the promises.

Politicians have to seek an elective seat through a series of voting processes. The Illinois congress candidate 2014 seeks to fill various elective positions that are vacant. There is one for the senator, another one for the governor and a couple of positions for the house representatives. The governor acts as the controller of all the operations that are taking placing within his country. Governors are helped by the senators and several house representatives in drafting the county constitution.

The president is the head of the state and is helped by a number of executive persons. The presidents makes all the public appoints. The appointees are vetted by the parliament before assuming the public offices. The parliament assumes the role of making all laws and the house is helped by the senate. Executive appointment falls under the office of the president.

For past couple of elections, the Congress party has boosted the largest numbers of politicians in both houses. The senate house and the parliament has been the pillar for this strong party. There have been the driving principles for all this success. The party was established on several principles which have been propelling the party into new success territories. Openness, service to people and diligence are some of the supporting pillars for this party.

Public appointments are done on the basis of political parties. The ruling party enjoys a larger share of these appointments as its members get more and more political appointments. Congress party has been a classic case of in terms of enjoying the political appointments. Before the appointments are done, the candidates have o undergo political screening of all the offices.

The candidates are voted in to act and represent their people. This means that the leaders have to act in the best interest of people. The leaders are expected to be selfless people who put the interests of people ahead of their personal interests. Thus, they are answerable to the people.

Political and public screening is done before the appointments have taken full effects. The political screening are done by the different political parties before they hand in their candidates to the election body. The public screening is done by the election body. This focuses on ensuring that the candidates are fit to hold the public offices.

Elections are held after four years. All the public offices which were filled through the voting process are vacated to pave way for another election. The election body is entrusted with the special role of conducting a national election. The election body of Illinois may conduct a by-election if the officer in the public office quits or dies before four years.

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