Astrology within the Cultural World

Millionaires don’t use astrology, billionaires do.” This is a quote from John Pierpont Morgan the very first American to become declared a billionaire. Astrology has usually been within the public consciousness and it is not surprising when you realise how extended it has existed.

Astrology has been with humankind since we first looked to the skies and sought meaning and answers from the heavens. You will discover cave paintings, anthropological artifacts and fragments that show that the lunar cycle have been seen and mapped out as early as 25,000 many years ago. These have been the very first steps to the modern day astrology as we know it, of course the science has changed – the incredibly very first astrologers had been generating predictions based on what they knew had happened and the likelihood of similar happenings in th future, for completely practical reasons. Quite a few tribes had been nomadic and quite a few tribes have been agricultural, so these predictions were crucial for several reasons.

As time marched on, astrology began to take on new facets and mankind started out to wonder what would happen inside the future and astrologers started to search methods to answer those people questions. If the cycle of the heavens could predict what was happening the following on Earth, then undoubtedly it could predict what would happen to us as individuals?

The first civilisation that we know employed astrology inside a similar manner to which we use it today, had been the ancient Babylonians. You will discover theories that the Sumerian’s employed astrology at least a thousand years just before Babylonia, but there is no genuine documentary evidence.

So, from close to 2,500 BC astrology has existed inside the form that’s recognisable to us. For your long time it was broadly accepted as being a science that went hand in hand with astronomy and it’s only relatively recently that it has begun to become observed in being a fringe, esoteric practice. As you’d expect for one thing that has been close to for so quite long, astrology has shaped and influenced the globe and often in surprising ways.

Did you know for instance, that the term influenza has its roots in astrology? This really is traced back to a time after doctors thought that epidemics had been caused by unfavourable celestial alignments and applied the term influentia to describe this unfavorable astral influence. Similarly the word disaster almost literally ways ‘Bad Star’ in Latin. Words that we use to describe individuals or actions for instance martial, jovial, lunatic, mercurial are all based on the planets and also the astrological aspects as soon as attributed to them.

It’s not merely language either, after Gustav Holst wrote the ‘Planets Suite’, in between 1914 and 1916 he employed astrology rather than astronomy as an influence. He used the corresponding astrological natures in the planets as soon as writing about them, hence Mars became identified as the ‘Bringer of War’, Venus the ‘Bringer of Peace’ and so on. The structure of this movement as soon as played is not in an astronomical order, but in an astrological order.

Perhaps one of the most surprising of cultural icons that has been heavily influenced by astrology stands out as the book and subsequent movie ‘Gone of the Wind’. Margaret Mitchell claims to acquire based her 12 primary characters on the signs on the zodiac, this details is stated to have been discovered in her notes and should you know the story and characters then there is tiny reason to disbelieve this claim.

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