Avoid Becoming The Next Investment Victim Of People Like Larry Bates

Many people are grateful to hear that the unscrupulous Larry Bates and his FAMC precious-metals venture are being stopped by the American courts. Bates has accumulated a flock of angry victims and invited the justice of The Lord.

Nevertheless the angst that we feel remains when we think about the many folks who lost big portions of their investments. We continue to advise our clients and anyone else interested in investments: You should be quite discerning where you invest money in gold and silver, and about whose help you solicit to make those financial investments.

The unholy rise of Bates and FAMC is a striking illustration of exactly how unethical the metals investment business has become with the rise of brand-new dealers over the last few years. They are in it for greed rather than to make a positive difference. Worse still, many can get away with ripping off customers because the sales of gold and silver remains largely unregulated in this country. So, numerous dealers focus on selling the highest-priced items to unsuspecting purchasers.

We became aware of such deceptions because we have helped lots of clients get away from scams. We have revealed how the right approach is to move right into gold and silver coins that are conveniently bartered rather than rare coins that won’t work in the coming economic crisis.

We remind them that Americans again are going to have to use gold and silver to buy what we need once the dollar completely disintegrates and the financial markets crash as they did in 2008 – only with much worse results.

Since only about 2 percent of Americans are reported to have gold and silver of any kind, there is a great lack of knowledge among financial advisers about what precious metals to purchase and why. Our objective is to assist clients overcome this lack of expertise with sound advice that, over the long run, will make certain that they have actually made the very best investments.

Bates used to shamelessly exploit this lack of knowing for his very own piggishness. And there remain a lot of precious-metals dealerships– others like Bates and FAMC–who say they work under “Christian” concepts but are lying.

We recognize that the death of the dollar plays an important role in Biblical prophecy. The Scriptures inform us, in Revelation 18, that gold and silver will be used as currency up until the end. We are teachers for new investors about why they must own God’s Cash, and how to do it wisely.

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