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Diving equipment is used to explore and work under water. The equipment is often divided into two types: heavy (descend to great depths) and light (shallow depth, and also used for sporting purposes). Diving equipment which can be found at dive shop Atlanta also differ in the way the air inlet works: hose and independent. Nevertheless, the classification reference involves variations in structural features and the type of composition and air mixture used in these systems.

Octopus (or alternate air source): Used only in emergency situations, the octopus replaces the regulator. They are identical in all respects except that the octopus delivers 0.5 bar. Compressed air cylinders used by most divers weigh between twelve to fifteen pounds and store approximately 2,400 liters of compressed air. The mechanism that allows underwater breathing is the regulator. Each cylinder has a kind of pressure gauge which is the operational limit for the filling.

In resort areas, such centers are often affiliated to hotels or resorts and are connected to diving organizations. The most important international organizations are PADI, SSI and CMAS. Snorkel is a tube approximately that is thirty centimeters in length used to breathe in oxygen, it contains a nozzle and allows breathing through the mouth without raising the head out of water.

Necessarily, when the cylinder is filled with another kind of gas mixture other than compressed air visual identification alerting the diver of its contents must be shown. The cylinder is typically constructed from steel, but there are some made of aluminum to keep the weight light.

Another curious effect of sight in the sea entails the apparent alignment of objects by about 25% and even higher proportion. Thus, if a diver sees a fish that is one meter away, he must understand that the actual distance will be something around 75 centimeters. This effect is known as refraction.

This type of equipment works in shallow waters, mostly in rivers, lakes, ports and harbors. The advantage of this equipment is that it is easy to put on. Injection – regenerative equipment are employed in diving operations at greater depths and provides the diver with air using a gas mixture that is fully or partially reversed.

The dive knife is considered a safety tool. If a diver gets tangled up in the background on some string or fishing line, the knife will be essential to free him from trouble. The diving knife can also be used as a hammer, screwdriver, saw and even yardstick. Its use is especially autonomous, and should not affect marine life. However, in practice hunting, the knife is useful for cutting and removing fish caught.

Helium-oxygen equipment is also equipped with a regenerative – injector device. But this type of equipment allows you to restore the gas composition in a suit at all stages of a dive. An injector device that operates in two modes, and regenerative box is equipped with two cartridges, which are included in an air recovery system.

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