Being Creative With Rubber Stamping Ideas And Techniques

Finding effective rubber stamping ideas and techniques is a lot easier today with many avenues open for you to discover and explore. There are books and magazines, classes, retail outlets and online information that can help you in your quest to improve the quality and look of your crafty work. If you are a beginner it would be wise to start with the basics, those that are more advanced can probably jump right in and start experimenting.

It is always a good idea to have a close look at your current supplies before starting to experiment and heading out to buy new products. You may find items that you had forgotten about, or some that you may have only used once. Reusing these items in a new way will allow you to experiment as much as you like without any additional costs.

All crafts evolve over time and this one is no different. Techniques like embossing have been around for a while but if you take your thinking to the next level, you might just discover some new creations. Glaze is a good medium to experiment with as well, in particular, the type that dries clear. It has the potential to increase the visual appeal of your special creations.

Altering plain card stock and creating unique backgrounds can be very effective and innovative. You can use inks of any color, throw around some glitter or emboss in order to create a signature piece of work. These unique backgrounds that you have designed can then be used for scrap booking, to alter for embellishments or in your card making projects.

Over time you may acquire a large variety of stamps that are mounted on wood. It is easy to become addicted to purchasing new designs as soon as you see them. The rubber type are the more traditional style of stamp that has been used for many years. Today you might like to try something new and opt for a clear stamp that is not mounted. Using a clear flat stamp will mean that you can see exactly where your image is going to be printed.

Kissing stamps together may sound weird at first, however this technique can be very effective for the projects you are working on. For this technique you will need to use two stamps of different design. Ink only one of them and press it firmly against the other stamp. You will find that the image provides a more abstract feel and will contain a series of effective broken lines.

Never underestimate the ideas of a good crafting friend. Others who also enjoy this great hobby could have some tips and tricks that you may not have tried or perhaps even seen before. Have a craft day where you each bring some new tools and great ideas. You could even be the instigator of a new competition where a prize is awarded to the person that comes with the most creative new idea. Sharing thoughts and tricks or tips with others can really be enjoyable as well as rewarding.

Gathering rubber stamping ideas and techniques is not difficult. There are so many possibilities, you just have to get in and give it a go. Share new ideas with your friends and they will share them with you.

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