Best Creatine Supplement For Maximum Gains

If you are thinking of bulking up by using a creatine supplement, your aim is most probably to increase muscle mass and stamina levels as quickly as possible by adding creatine to your day to day diet. But to find the best creatine supplement in a highly competitive field, the choices are numerous. The difficulty is knowing with certainty which one WILL definitely give you the added muscle bulk, and increase workout duration time, without having to research or trial every product.

Within the bodybuilding industry, creatine is now more widely used as its benefits have become increasingly apparent. Due to supply and demand, the price of these muscle enhancing supplements have decreased significantly over the last 10 years. Meaning an added 30lbs of muscle, will cost you half as much today as it did a decade ago.

Finding a creatine supplement which actually lives up to all the hype can be difficult to source with so much fact and fiction readily available. But once reviews and testimonials are taken into account and the chaff has been eliminated, there are three products which have been proven to actually increase muscle mass and strength along with more durability in the gym.

Muscletech Creakic Hardcore 180 Caps

Muscletech has been leading the way in creatine technology for quite some time. The creators of Creakic have formulated their supplements to include even more creatine than the original. By doing so has been proven to increase stamina by 18% in as little as ten days. Most people who use the formula report as much as 4X more muscle mass. The supplement is a little on the expensive side, but is worth the price paid. As with most creatine supplements, increased water consumption is recommended for the best potential results.

Dymatize Nutrition Xpand Xtreme Pump Caffeine-Free, Orange, 800-Grams

Xpand is another highly-rated supplement currently on the market. This product has not been around as long as Creakic, but it is showing promising results. Users report having more strength and vitality while using this particular brand. Like Creakic, this product is a little more expensive than some brands, but you get what you pay for. It is important to follow the directions precisely to get the best results.

Labrada Nutrition Super Charge! Xtreme Pre-Workout Energy Drink Mix, Fruit Punch, 1.76-Pound Tub

A supplement which comes in the form of an energy drink is Labrada Supercharged. As a brilliant nutritional supplement and quite similar to Xpand, Labrada is a drink with has a huge following with regular bodybuilders. Its popularity is down to two things: firstly it comes with a lower price than more recognized products making it a good source if you are just starting out on the road to a Body Beautiful. Secondly, as other energy drinks tend to come with an unpleasant taste, Xpand have produced a product with a fruit punch taste which has proven to be very moreish.

Whatever creatine supplement you decide to add to your training regime, it is imperative that water consumption is increased to at least 3 liters a day to aid the body in absorbing the supplements into the blood stream easier. Make sure also to read all testimonials and reviews before a purchase is made. Both customer and from a professional perspective so as to make the correct decision.

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