Best Tactical Flashlights Are Reviewed

Reading reviews prior to making a purchasing decision is the best way to ensure that you make a wise choice. Reading reviews gives you the opportunity to evaluate the product without having to buy it yourself. There will be both positive and negative reviews, but usually a trend emerges and the overall user experience becomes apparent. We have read dozens of reviews to get a broad view from many consumers who have bought tactical flashlights. In this article we will highlight the main issues on both the positive and negative side that we have found to be recurring and consistent concerns. It should be noted right off the bat that positive reviews far out-number negative reviews.

Tactical flashlights were invented for law enforcement professionals and military personnel, and they are also widely used in search and rescue, but now a growing number of people are using these illumination tools for hiking, hinting and camping. The cost is going to be higher than an ordinary flashlight due to the cost of the higher grade components and some people have complained about the cost. Often, you will see LED flashlights given away, or sold for a penny as a promotion. Bargain shoppers should look elsewhere since quality comes with a price tag. On the other hand, there is a large contingent of reviewers who are happy to own the highest quality equipment since it will last for years.

Tactical grade flashlights are made to function in extreme situations so they are constructed to military grade specifications. Make sure to settle on the model you wish to purchase and then look for a sale to get the best price, but always avoid the cheap knock-off products. Watch out for look-alike products that won’t last ten minutes in a storm or break when dropped. If you paid five bucks, it’s probably worth nothing!

One of the more helpful reviews stated that feature sets vary widely and certain features are too specialized to be of much use to most people like strobe settings or infrared detection. Unless you have a particular need for those features it’s probably unwise to spend extra dollars on them.

Here are some of the features that seem to be useful for most users so look for these to be included in your feature set. Brightness is a key feature of tactical grade illumination tools, but don’t forget that a low setting is going to be used quite often for mundane tasks that don’t require the higher light intensity and higher battery drain. When using CR123 lithium batteries, you’ll get about 40 hours at the lower light setting and 2 hours at the higher light setting.

To summarize the reviews, determine that a quality flashlight is what you want, study many different models to compare features, match the feature sets to your needs, look for coupons and sales events, and avoid the look-alike products and cheap imitators.

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