Best Vority Dual USB Charger 101

Vority, through, recently introduced a product that can change the standards of wall chargers. Instead of the usual solo charging system, the Vority dual USB wall charger can recharge two gadgets at the same time. The Universal-Blackberry-Bluetooth-Vority-DUO34AC is

The main advantage of this wall charger is its dualism. The usual wall chargers have single port while this product has two.

This universal portable travel charger can be used by almost all gadgets out in the market. It only requires that one have the original USB connector of his or her gadget. This is compatible with any of Apple\’s products from its iPhones to iPods and iPads. It is also compatible with Samsung, Motorola, Blackberry, Nokia and Android phones.

Since this is a wall charger, one just needs to provide his or her gadget\’s own cord, attach it to the charger head and it will be good to go. This wall charger is universal; meaning it is compatible with USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 capable gadgets. You can use the Vority DUO34AC on gadgets from Samsung, Blackberry, Motorola, Nokia and other smart phones.

It is also compatible to all Apple gadgets from the iPod, iPhone, and the iPad. Digital cameras, Music players, Bluetooth and wireless headsets, portable speakers, and battery cases can also be energized using the Vority DUO34AC.

This dual USB wall charger is light weight – only weighing 92 grams. It has retractable prongs that can be hidden when not in need, making it more lightweight and compact. This stands at 2.6 inches (height) by 2.1 inches (length) by 1.1 inches (width). This charger is compact that it is ideal for home and office use. It can also be used when travelling by land or by air. When travelling by air be reminded that this charger can only work within 10,000 miles (3000 meters).

This charger is also equipped with over-current and short-circuit protection. This means that this will automatically stop charging once the battery is full. This helps save the batteries from bloating, a sure sign that it is broken. This charger is also made of high temperature resistant and fire-proof materials. This means that one can enjoy his or her games, music and videos while charging up and will not affect the temperature of the adapter and the phone.

The Vority DUO34AC provides a stunning 3.4 amperes of power. This means that it can provide power to two gadgets without any power sharing, resulting in faster charging times. The dual port of this dual USB wall charger is marked appropriately (port 1 is good for 2.4 amperes, port 2 is good for 1.0 amperes). They are spaced in such a manner to ensure no one will accidentally pull out both connectors.

This charger is also marked properly; port 1 is labeled as 2.4A – good for tablets up to 2.4 amperes, while port 2 is labeled as 1.0A – good for phones up to 1.0 amperes. This charger is 2.6 inches tall, 2.1 inches wide and 1.1 inches thick. This charger only weighs 92 grams making this charger great for home and office use as well as for travelling.

This makes sure that even if use your gadget while it is charging, it would not cause a negative effect to your battery.There is an LED indicator that confirms whether the phone is properly charging or not.

Plus, it comes wit a two year warranty from Amazon to cover any factory defects (if any) of this dual USB wall charger. No wonder this item was selling like hotcakes.

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