Bill Gates

Everyone knows Bill Gates right? He’s like the Michael Jordan of technology. Sure, some people living under rocks or perhaps in other countries around the world are excused from knowing that. But for the rest of you middle class Americans, I’m sure you could spout out as much biographical info about him as the next guy.

Number six, visit the dining area. During the off hours, the places are virtually deserted. They have comfortable places to sit and nice tables to use. Declare yourself the sole heir of a specific table and get to work.

Number five, get outside in the fall/spring seasons. It’s so invigorating to be outside. Your senses are alive and you tend to be happier (when the weather is amiable). Find a nice patch of lawn or place under a tree to get some work done. You’ll love the environment and learn a lot in the process. This only works if you don’t need access to a computer for hours at a time though.

Number four, try a computer lab. Computer labs are generally filled with people accessing the internet to focus on work they need to accomplish. You have the company of a number of peers while getting the focus you need to accomplish an assignment. You can easily lose track of time in a computer lab and get a lot of work done.

Second, provide content your audience wants. A contest is something your audience wants to see. A declaration of a moral value that people agree with is something your audience wants to share. What they don’t want is an advertisement filling their newsfeeds. An advertisement doesn’t benefit your customer. What benefits your customer is a deal, a giveaway, a funny quote, or some other useful information that they would want to share, like, or otherwise pay attention to. Before you post anything, ask yourself, “If I were a customer, what value would this bring me?” If you can answer nothing but brand recognition, than don’t do it.

While it is true Bill Gates dropped out of college (Harvard to be exact) it’s important to remember that he is a genius and a hard worker. He scored 1590 out of 2000 on the SAT and had a well-developed business idea laid out before he dropped out.

When asked what the wisest business decision he ever made was, he directly responded that the people he chose to work with were the key to his success. When it comes down to it, everything in this world is based on people. People run business, make decisions, and come up with ideas. Selecting the people that have the same vision, the same resolve, and the same drive as you is essential.

Not only that, but they are generally well equipped with chairs and other furniture that are conducive to attentiveness. For many people, this is the perfect environment they need to focus for long periods of time. Try each of these locations out for yourself. You may find that being outdoors deserves a number one spot in your book.

And that’s fine because what’s “best” ultimately comes down to what environment will help you study. These are just a few ideas to help you find the perfect spot for you to get your work done on your Denver college campus.

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