Bobby Jain Credit Suisse & Assessment Of The WWE Network

For anyone who considers themselves a fan of professional wrestling, it’s hard to overlook the value associated with the WWE Network. There is a tremendous amount of content to be had and the fact that subscribers have access to streaming pay-per-view only helps to make the deal that much sweeter. On the business side of things, though, the WWE Network has not fared that well. There may be ways to salvage the service, though, and Bobby Jain Credit Suisse can help.

The WWE Network has suffered for a number of reasons and one of them is very simple: expectations. After the WWE Network launched in the United States, Vince McMahon – the Chairman and CEO of the company – stated that he was looking to attain a goal of 1 million subscribers. To put it simply, this number would help the company break even with what they invested in the Network to begin with. It’s sad to say that even though the service has been around since February, the company couldn’t gather those sorts of numbers.

The rate at which content is brought to the WWE Network has been another talking point to consider. Keep in mind that content is the name of the game when it comes to this particular service but it must be uploaded at a brisk pace; many fans do not see this to be the case. Shouldn’t WWE, with its vast video library, be able to bring even more programming to the WWE Network? With this in mind, there are ways for the Network to be saved, if the company desires for it.

There are a few possible methods to take up but one of the most probable, from what I have seen, is to release the WWE Network in other locations. It’s been said that WWE is planning on giving the Network an international release soon, which is a positive in the eyes of Robert Jain Credit Suisse, along with other establishments. However, will it be unveiled at a time where once-inquisitive fans simply do not care? Regardless, authorities like Jain can see the value of this endeavor and why it should be fulfilled soon.

Even though the WWE Network has a number of problems associated with it, I’d like to think that there are various incentives to become a subscriber. Its wealth of content is undeniable and the original programming may help to keep subscribers around for the long term. What cannot be overlooked, though, are the technical and content uploading gripes which have been commonplace. If these are ironed out, who knows just how much more financially worthwhile the WWE Network can be?

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