Bring Egyptian Princesses And Curses To Life With The Pristine Egypt Game

The combination of historical ancient Egyptian facts and today’s technology has produced something ingenious- a new Egypt game highlighting accents sure to gain the interest of almost anyone. This action packed, role playing game has numerous options and preferences to choose from to make anyone’s experience the fullest enjoyment imaginable. The never ending adventure includes melees against ancient Egyptian adversaries, such as scarabs and scorpions; brawling against harder rivals, such as jackal-heads or challenging puzzles, are all included to grab and keep the attention of the players.

Scenarios of daggers and mesmerizing decor place you inside the arbitrary journey, on a path of swords and bravery to accomplishing your goals. Evil powers and spirits encompass all paths to any chosen destiny; one example includes Ramses’ coveted “Stones of Rancor”, which begin one enchanted legend of a wife stricken with strange illness from these stones- her loving husband must fight to find the cure to save her life. Any preview of the trailer will have the players ready and waiting to try out this new, exciting game.

Masika is a name all contenders will become familiar with- her existence will summon all the greatest adversaries, whether players are playing for good or evil.. The husband role is only one of many characters available to take on in this software. Librarians and archaeologists are a few of the more noble characters with any gender applicable; priests and jackals are malicious forces fighting for world domination by Masika, just a few to mention available for the bad guys.

Mummies, with their decomposed corpses and missing organs, will fight any side, whether the character is an innocent librarian fighting for the common good or priests combating for the rise of Masika in this Egypt game. Life-sized scorpions are around every corner anticipating to use their extra sharp claws and poisonous stingers to annihilate. Jackal-heads equipped with khopesh swords and brain-nesting scarabs are a couple more impressive antagonists standing in the player’s way of achievement.

State of the art graphics create interesting playing grounds, such as the Oasis of Amunet, with its palm trees and lush foliage for pigmy’s to hide in. Modernized visuals of the Bazaar and Ruins of Tabari maps include merchants and corner stores, cobblestone roads, and base camps for soldiers. Players versus elements allows for storyline play while the player versus player combination allows for hand to hand combat, pleasing fans of both styles. Thousands and thousands of individuals have enlisted for newsletters to keep them posted on new additions and character advancement to the system; also new rewards are created daily for conquering different challenges. State of the art technology and historical data come together to produce this Egypt game guaranteed to go above and beyond the user’s expectancies.

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