Brochure Printing Simplified For Everyone

If you know where you stand budget-wise and know just what you need, brochure printing should be a breeze for you. Whether used for real estate, trade show or promotional purposes, or for displaying statistical information, brochures are one of the best tools you can use for promotion.

Start with a layout that includes the text and images you will need to convey your message. Then you’ll need to decide on a type of printing for your brochure. It is common to print brochures out in more than one color.

There are two basic choices in printing: offset printing and laser or digital printing. Since the printing of brochures is largely done in bulk, these two methods are both ideal processes regardless of which you choose. Most high quality, full-color commercial printing is done on offset presses using the four-color process. There are three simple steps in offset printing – first, the ink is spread out on a metal plate, then transferred to an intermediary surface from the etched images, then pressed onto the paper from the surface. This process is usually a bit costly to set up, but the printing itself shouldn’t cost you too much.

Like copy machines, laser printing makes use of a laser beam to create the image. Images created through offset printing are generally clearer than laser printed images, which is the main reason why many prefer this method. However, smaller printing jobs can be done on a small low-volume laser or inkjet printer, or at a copy store, thereby eliminating set-up fees and some shipping costs.

Choosing paper is another very important aspect of brochure printing. A lot of printing services advise customers to use heavier, glossy paper or coated paper to make their brochures look more attractive.

Finally, you’ll need to pay attention to the way your brochure is folded. Basic folding options include: the half fold or single fold, the tri fold (the left and right flaps open), and the “Z” fold (which opens up like an accordion). You can generally get bulk discounts from printers if you have larger requests.

Brochure printing can be easy and fun and allow for a good deal of self-expression, so go ahead, what are you waiting for? Gentlemen, start your printers!

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