Candy Skull Tattoos And Celtic Knot Tattoos

The people who associate death with evil things tend to abhor it. People who consider death as a celebration of the life of deceased ancestors and loved ones are happy about it. Death gets a different interpretation depending on what part the world is being referred. In Mexico, their candy skull tattoos offer one of the most unique and colourful ways of celebrating death.

A death in Mexico can be compared to a festival instead of a mourning. Because of this, it has received some kind of cult status in that country. One has to see to believe the party-like atmosphere it creates. In the center of the celebration are the candy skull tattoos, also considered to be a trademark of such an event.

There is a deeper meaning behind the Mexican creation and decorations of skulls made out of confectionery. These skulls are the focal points used in the designs of candy skull tattoos. These candy skulls are homemade and are made to adorn every tomb and household during the Day of the Dead festivities on the first 2 days of November. These skulls are offerings to the dead loved ones often combined with the favourite food or belongings of the dead.

Celtic knot tattoos feature endless paths representing eternity and never ending love, faith, loyalty and friendship. Tattoos that present celtic knots with more than one interwoven path are seen as life metaphors that are also referred to love knots.

The knots pictured in celtic knot tattoos are sometimes called mystic knots and endless knots. The concept of beginnings and endings underlie the deeper spiritual meaning associated with the celtic knot symbol. There is no clarity seen in the beginning or end of the knot when these beautiful knots are viewed.

Other references to the knots displayed in celtic knot tattoos are mystic knots and endless knots. The deeper spiritual meaning associated with the symbol of a celtic knot leans towards the concept of beginnings and endings. Viewing these beautiful knots tend to present an unclear beginning or end to the knot.

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