Careers in the Medical Care Field

The health care industry offers careers of varied nature. Though most are for highly qualified doctors, nurses and paramedical staff, there are some fields that require a school diploma and a couple of days training. The best example is of a phlebotomist. A phlebotomist salary is ok for a person to be attracted to this profession.

A phlebotomist is given training for a period of 5 to six days after which he can sit for a documentation test to become a qualified phlebotomist. He should draw blood from different patients with the intention of lab testing. In the standard course of time nurses also double up in doing this work. Some hospitals which are large and nurses have already got their hands full with assisting doctors in places where their experience is obligatory, staff are hired at decent phlebotomist salary of $30,000 yearly to do that sort of routine work of collecting blood samples.

Many people who want to enter the field of medicine and sign up for jobs the simplest one to get is by doing a short course in phlebotomy as a highschool certificate is the basic qualification. They then graduate slowly by studying part-time or online for nursing which pays more than what one gets as a phlebotomist salary.

There are a few other jobs that a phlebotomist does other than collecting blood for lab testing. He might be required to interview the person coming to donate blood in a blood bank, take imperative signs, test blood of donors, for example. He ought to be mindful of commonly used ideas, practices and processes. He should faithfully follow instructions given to him and laws to satisfy the functions of his job.

The short term course for coaching to be a phlebotomist and the ensuing validation can be asked for in any one of these agencies- American Society for Clinical Pathology’s Board of Certification or American Medical Technologists or Nationwide Health career Organisation and an other such agencies. Licensed Medical Assistants or CMAs ‘ are routinely employed as phlebotomists.

The acceptability of local companies is generally looked into before applying for a particular verification agency. In some cases bosses themselves hold examination to hire a phlebotomist. Since the job comprises the phlebotomist to draw blood from someone who might be stressed due to injury or accident in a number of cases he should be able to draw blood without reacting to the patient’s health condition and without causing any more trouble in a stressed situation.

A phlebotomist is instructed to draw blood from the veins of someone for lab testing and in a few cases blood is drawn from the tips of fingers too. A high school diploma holder can experience a simple 4-5 day training to be a trained phlebotomist. The phlebotomy salary is about $30,000 per annum.